The First DEX on Aleo

Self custody / Privacy-Centric / Fully Decentralized

AlphaSwap facilitates public and private token swaps of any tokens on the Aleo blockchain. Users can create or contribute to liquidity pools (public or private) and earn fees from swaps.

AlphaSwap is the first DEX on the privacy-oriented chain Aleo. Drawing inspiration from the proven Uniswap model, we elevate the trading experience by combining the principles of high-security and low-slippage.

Security without Compromise

Our solution is noncustodial. Users' assets touch only their own wallets for complete security.

Innovative private trading

AlphaSwap supports private trading, which ensures maximum user privacy.

Market making for profits

Active market making is supported to increase capital efficiency and help users earn extra income.


AlphaSwap mainnet with advanced trading model. Supporting trading of any ARC20 format tokens.


Build ecosystem and partnership, research on compliant privacy adoption. Exploration of DEX token economics.


Build zk dex with perpetual contract trading model. Further exploration of additional trading models and better user experience.


Explore aztec, polygon miden, starknet and ethereum ecosystem.


Build zk dex 2.0. Decentralized exchange with a completely new model.